WINSOME: Mornings at Echo Park


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Winsome is its home-made granola, which evokes memories of childhood and the “crispies with the frog” (those growing up in the 80s will know exactly what I’m talking about); I immediately associate it with healthy food, and it’s as addictive as popcorn.

I’m of the opinion that when going to a Chinese restaurant you should order fried rice, when in an Argentinean you should order caramel and so on, because it will almost always be the best they have to offer. Let’s not order eggs and potatoes in a Thai restaurant please! At Winsome the choice is simple: they will only offer what they have in-season and what their farms supply them with — there’s no room for extravagances here.

We recommend the toast with duck eggs or the roast potato with fried egg. You can accompany some of these morning wonders with one of their fresh natural beverages – my favourite is the wild rice and quinoa tiger milk.

In a space with a lot of natural daylight and with an ideal terrace for autumn mornings, the bar and the stools see some of the trendiest people in the neighbourhood pass by every day. Echo Park has become a reference in the city and this restaurant has everything it takes to be a hipster meeting point.

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