P.Y.T.: The trendy vegetarian

P.Y.T.: The trendy vegetarian

P.Y.T.: The trendy vegetarian

P.Y.T. in Los Angeles kicks off in style in by raising the status of vegetables to a whole new level. A vegetarian that doesn’t remind us at all of the traditional veggie hippie concept — in fact, it offers us a sophisticated atmosphere and chic interior design.

A menu that changes with the seasons is carefully selected by chef Josef Centeno, who presents us all manner of vegetables, fruit, bread and dairy products without any reservation whatsoever; and where meat is nowhere to be seen, nor is it particularly missed.

There are few tables inside, and a large wooden one designated for shared lunches or dinners. We just love the marble, mosaic tiles and Danish chairs. Vegetables and vegetation bring warmth to its high ceilings and huge windows, letting in the daylight from the central Main Street.

Once you’ve passed the difficult task of choosing what you’ll have from its menu where absolutely everything sound great, the wait will be a short one thanks to the aperitives that are served before the delicious combinations of rye.

P.Y.T. is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings too, ready to serve its brunch. The rest of the week is reserved for candle-lit dinners. Do book well in advance since this has become a real hotspot in the city. Our brunch favourites: toasted brioche with ricotta cheese and pieces of pumpkin, lemon pancakes with coconut butter, avocado on toast with brie and goats’ cheese, the chef’s salad with season vegetables and baby carrots with yellow cauliflower. It’s not an easy choice, but the truth is, in this place we’re crazy about everything, even down to the peanuts. With or without a special occasion, don’t forget to order one of their cocktails based on natural fruit juice and enjoy your weekend!

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