Out of China: chinese honest food

Out of China: chinese honest food

Out of China

Getting to know the Chinese culture without leaving Barcelona: ​​this is the proposal by the Chenming and Chinqui Wang sisters, owners of the Out of China restaurant.

This family business is full of little details from their country of origin in every corner. From the photos and decorations of their homeland, to the blue and white porcelain plates, the music in the background or the well-known mural at the back of the restaurant: wherever you look, you’re transported right to the Shanghai of the 1940s.

Although they started by only offering dishes from their region, Shanghai, nowadays the menu offers delights from many other places, such as Sichuan, Beijing or Canton, served in combination with local creations and gastronomic nudges to Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine.

But the real appeal of Out of China is how it serves traditional dishes in a healthy way and, above all, its respect for food intolerances: this is not your typical Chinese restaurant, that’s for sure. Their aim is to improve on traditional dishes without sacrificing their origin, by swapping preserved food for fresh ingredients, and opting for organic and seasonal products.

The result is an inclusive menu that combines native and exotic dishes, tradition with modernity… while also not forgetting the original Chinese cooking techniques.

And for fans of dimsum, here we find the summun of this recipe in its gluten-free version. The menu is full of homemade vegetarian, vegan and, surprisingly, gluten-free dishes. Who would have thought that we’d find a gluten-free Asian restaurant? As Chenming reminded us, traditional Chinese cooking has little wheat anyway, so why not create a menu fit for celiacs?

Fried vegetables with Cantonese nuts, vegetables and mushroom or loin and chives ravioli, a wide variety of rice, stewed ribs, organic tofu with vegetable curry… There are over 30 celiac-friendly dishes in total, including their delicious limited-edition homemade mochis – ask for them as soon as you arrive, as they don’t last very long.

And as for drinks (gluten-free, of course), Chinqui recommends a Daura – the award-winning celiac-friendly beer, noted for its quality and taste, as it’s the only gluten-free malt beer available.


  1. Patjem

    3 May

    would be great to add a address or link to their website!

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