OSTRICH FARM: from farm to table

OSTRICH FARM: from farm to table

Ostrich Farm

Despite the name, you won’t find many ostriches on the menu. “From the farm to table” is this restaurant’s mantra. A simplicity elevated to orgasmic levels, art deco interiors and a prevailing friendliness are what seduced us at this small restaurant situated in the Echo Park creative hub.

LA Times refers to it as one of the best breakfasts in the sunny capital and we don’t doubt that its authenticity has been enough to win over even the demanding Jonathan Gold. Its in-season dishes are styled by chef and owner Jaime Turrey together with his wife Brooke Fruchtman, who is in charge of the decoration. As a team they have created a relaxed, casual setting that is perfect for a brunch or a “no-label” dinner.

Their speciality is the “ossobuco” pork with polenta and grilled broccolini. Of the morning dishes we love the tartlets — in particular the fennel and avocado one — as well as their bowls, their grilled chicken salads, the in-season grilled vegetables and their home-made sodas.

Ostrich FarmOstrich FarmOstrich FarmOstrich FarmOstrich FarmOstrich Farm


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