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Bendita Helena


Bendita Helena launched in 2011 — “bendita” in Spanish means “blessed”, which is how one feels when eating a dish made with healthy ingredients, love and awareness. It all began when Ana, who had worked in advertising for many years, decided to radically change career and pursue her passion for cooking.

After finishing her studies in pastry making and working for a few years at a well-known store, she began to realize that the ingredients used in the store had damaging effects on health. This sparked in her the desire to produce healthier, more balanced products for customers.

What began as a small pastry business for friends and acquaintances, that she did in parallel to working as a chef in various restaurants, changed completely when Ana was called to do the catering for Valerie’s wedding. That day they both decided that they needed to get together and start something new.

Today, Ana is in charge of the kitchen and the creative side of the dishes, helped by Marcial Capella. And Valerie, with her endless smile, her people skills and administrative background, is in charge of management and of the floor. The team as a whole is able to create a cosy, affectionate and warm atmosphere for its customers.


In the heart of Les Corts is a small space that showers you with positive energy as soon as you enter. Refurbished by the two owners, this cosy nook is a true reflection of their simplicity. It’s without a doubt reason enough to take a trip to this part of the city, which is currently undergoing a restoration revival.

Among its clientele are young students, families and, most loved by Ana and Valerie, the neighbourhood grannies, who thanks to them have swapped their traditional hot chocolate or coffee for kale smoothies.


Beyond healthy eating, comfort food consists in offering food that nourishes the body and comforts the soul. Taking a seat at the table will make you return to those familiar moments, to the dishes you had as a child, to forgotten tastes. Authentic cooking, without excessive processing but full of flavour, that lingers in the palate and in the mind long after the visit.

Bendita Helena’s philosophy: helping customers lead a full, healthy, balanced, flavoursome life, and inspiring awareness and balance in nutrition.

Bendita Helena


60% of their products are organic (with a few exceptions, since their dishes will never be without mango and avocado), whose origins have been carefully selected by the Bendita Helena girls.

The organic sourdough bread made by Yellow Bakery’s Paul, the organic açai “Amazonia”, top-quality natural cereals and vegetables. Organic wines from various Catalan vineyards and craft beers. And for the coffee fans: you’ll love the cold brew from the Cafe Fred boys or the El Magnífico organic coffee (with fresh milk from El Prat).

Their menu is full of healthy and interesting ideas. Fun combinations of flavours, ingredients and cooking from different cultures, all fruit of Ana’s life experiences:

“When I want a dish to reflect the Bendita Helena style, I always go back to the fact that I’ve lived in different cities, travelled a lot, and I’m just a very curious person.”

The result: they’ve managed to combine the flavours from many parts of the world to create something new and different. And they can boast having one of the best brunches in the city (and our favourite lunch menu).

As Ana is fond of saying: “We want more full tummies and happy hearts!”

A mouthful of authenticity, simplicity and conscientious cooking made with love: that’s what’s seduced us about Bendita Helena!


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