Costiera Amalfitana

Costiera Amalfitana

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Situated on the Gulf of Salerno and bordering by the Tyrrhenian Sea we find this picturesque area of Italy (Campania region), so picturesque in fact that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

It’s not surprising therefore, that for many years it has been the chosen destination and inspiration for many artists and actors such as Richard Wagner, Greta Gardo or Roberto Rosellini.

Although recently it’s become better known as the summer hot spot for Olivia Palermo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emily Ratajkowski among other famous faces, it still retains the authenticity of an area uncontaminated by tourists.

We’re delighted to be sharing our photos and review of the places we’ve tried personally, though our best insider tip would be: get lost in the little lanes of it’s villages, get to know the local and fall in love again with the beauty that is Italy.


Whilst it’s not on the same side of the water we recommend flying into Napoli-Capodichino airport and travel to La Costiera by ferry. It’s well worth making a quick tour of this quaint little city.

Naples has something special in its character, You either love it or if totally fascinates you (as was the case with me). I like its history, its people, its restaurants and its streets … it has a chaotic vibe, but therein lies its beauty!

You have to visit “the Cristo Velado”, or literally “Egg Castle” (whose name comes the legend of a magic egg safeguarded the city). Take in the beautiful views of the Posillipo and take a stroll through the old town (the largest of its kind in Europe).

And now to the most important point, you can’t leave Naples without trying its cuisine:

It is the perfect place to find an authentic Pizza Mageritha, with a flavor which, no matter how hard we try outside of Italy, we’ll never quite achieve, and a price you’ll laugh at, about 5 euros or less. Now I can confirm that the pizzas at 12 Euros or more in Spain are a ripoff! Where do you try ? The legendary SORBILLO or the less touristy IL FIGLIO DEL PRESIDENTE. (Manlio thanks for having crossed our path that day)

Besides the typical pizza, in Naples have invented something that, while it might not sound apetising at first, the taste will leave you speechless. !The fried pizza! The best places to eat it are STARITA and MASARDONA.

And if you’re a hopeless romantic who likes to eat in idyllic settings, your place is el Paseo Marítimo (the seafront) of Nápoles, where you can enjoy a plate of pasta or a pizza with a view over Capri and Vesuvio. Just priceless!


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Even if it sounds like I’m exaggerating here and there, I can tell you that when you arrive you’ll think I’ve sold it short; it will fascinate you by day and make you fall in love with it by night. One of the jewels of the Costiera and for me the most beautiful villages on the Tyrrhenian coastline.

Its colorful houses meander down the side of the mountain from the highest points all the way to the seafront (which you can see from any point). And, have not doubt, if you choose the Costiera as a holiday destination, it’s the perfect place to base yourself to explore all of the other areas, whilst offering the best in rest and recovery.

Where to eat:


Catch the shuttle boat from Fornillo Beach or Marina Grande to the little beach Laurito, a gentle 10-minute chug from Positano,. Here you’ll find Adolfo’s shabby-chic beach cabana which turns out unpretentious local specialities accompanied by jugs of ice-cold white wine.

No lack of pasta, seafood and capresse saldads along with other dishes that will make your mouth water. I’ll never forget the taste of the red prawns, the lobster rigatoni or the octopus pasta. And if the taste and quality left us surprised the bottom line of 20 euros per person did even more so. Gwyneth Paltrow loves it and so do we.


Although the prices are a bit exorbitant, if one day you feel like treating yourself then head to the Oyster Bar of LA SIRENUSE, where you can uncork a good French champagne and try some delicious oysters (with various accompanying sauces that enhance the flavor without changing it one iota). All this coupled with the best views of Positano. For a moment you will feel like Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Before youg go it’s worth wandering through its corridors, different rooms and all the other nooks and cranies.

vistas la sirenuse


After several days of pizza-pasta-pizza-pasta (we don’t leave a restaurant, small stall or coffee shop without tasting), your body needs a break. And for this much needed detox, in Positano you’ll find a decorating shop, where you’ll want to buy everything, with a small restaurant attached to it. In their dishes there’s no shortage of eco products, “raw”salads, fruit juices and all kinds of sweet cakes and pateries made with unrefined flours. A real delight and shot of vitamins that your body will thank you for.

casa e botegga


The perfect place for a delicious pizza and pasta dinner (the vongoles are incredible), with unbeatable service led by Margarita (the owner), who will do whatever it takes to make you feel at home.


Yes, in this idyllic place there’s also time dancing or a cocktail in a calm setting. But like everything here, it’s not about going whereever. A nightclub carved into the side of a mountain with terrace and interiors that look out over the sea. In terms of music, and if you’re not familiar with Italian techno(!), the DJ also sings live during his set. Basically he sings along to the end of every track, it’s pretty wild!

And that’s the recommendations for today, Ci vediamo nel prossimo capitolo!!!



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