EAT BIOTIFUL, lovers of real food. We are not gastronomy expert but we are united by our passion for eating well and healthy. We respect the traditional cooking although we bet for new trends but with always with good quality ingredients and good making.


Our aim/mission is that you know, from our particular vision, some of the places where we enjoy the most, not just because of the food but the atmosphere. For all lovers of places that fill your stomach and memories up, the ones who have forgotten the name of that small bar o the ones who never gave the opportunity to that restaurant round the corner… We want to share with all of you our little guide with which we are going to help you to discover the streets of different cities. We invite you/suggest? To know more about London, Barcelona, Madrid and many other exciting cities in the world.


Likewise, we cook healthy dishes always based in natural. Our recipes are grain, processed and refined sugar free but not compromising the taste!


We believe that what we eat have an influence in our wellbeing and that is why we defende the“inside-out”. In our RECIPES section we suggest simple and easy recipes full of colours and properties with which you fell healthier and happier. You can check that being a chef is not necessary, we are not chefs either!


We start this adventure in which we want you to be part of… we hope you enjoy and of course, leave you a good taste!